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Welcome to Diamond Training Associates Ltd. Work based training provider that offers accredited training packages and workshops to suit your needs.

Our advisers work alongside employers providing up to date information on workforce development.

We are an Equal opportuities training company regardless of age ability gender sexual orientation and ethnicity.

Training programmes to meet Continous Development needs which in turn give organisations strength within the industry with excellent staff retension

  • Training adviser visits at your place of work
  • Skills Testing to complete sign posting where necessary
  • Accredited Prior learning taken into consideration
  • Advice and support to embed development and knowledge
  • Course information submit your enquiry for fast response and booking - info@diamond-training.com


Diplomas Health & Social Care Level 2, 3, & 4

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All courses have a set learning programme to achieve the award. These are supported in group sessions, workshops and individual one to one meetings. This highlights any training issues which we can then access and deliver for students. The course incorporates Development of Knowledge and Practice to ensure every oppurtunity is given to progress within the area of study. 





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